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Suggestions of meals for your Holiday

One thing we learned with the covid is to adapt ourselves, not do too much plan, leave open ideas and be flexible. So you will found below a list of products and ready meals that you can buy at Meat & Meet. If it is more convenient, we do deliveries.


Smoked Marlin: thin slice of smoked marlin with cive, thin slice of tomato and topped with canola oil.

Pâté on bread: a choice of garlic pâté or cognac or fine herbs or three peppers or fowl liver pâté with a well-cooked baguette.

Cold cut : a plate of thin slice of Dry Beef with pickle and our herb oil.

Lobster Bisque : made with celery, herbs, lobster and.... cream.

Ready to eat

Meat Pie: pork and ground beef mixed with the four spices.

Veal Strogonof: cube of veal in a creamy sauce, with pasta or your choice.

Ham quiche: perfect for lunch with a green salad.

Lobster lasagna: pieces of lobster in a creamy sauce and cheese


Rum cake : our famous homemade smooth rum cake

Tiramisu : if you know Natale the pizza man in Marian that is popular dessert

Chocolate mousse : Natale know how to do the chocolate mousse perfectly

Baklava : made with walnut, honey, butter and filo dough

The Millefoglie d'Italia : light sweet cookies


Red : Bouchard Ainée French dry wine, Santa Cristina Italian dry wine, Fantini San Giovese Italian dry wine.

White : Bouchard Ainée French dry wine, Sangre De Toro Spain dry wine, Fantini Pinot Grigio Italian dry wine.

Rosé : Bouchard Ainée French dry wine

Prosecco : DaLuca, Italian

Visit Meat & Meet Market

Visit our market store located at Le Phare Bleu Marina and check out our selection. We can easily be accessed by car or dinghy. And make sure to get our price list and sign up for our newsletter to hear about our weekly specials, recipes, locally sourced goodies, and much more. Leave your name and email below.

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