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Drinking coffee daily can bring you many benefits!

It can be used in many situations: to give more energy to work, in cosmetics for the hair or the face. Thanks to the coffee grounds, to take a coffee break or quite simply to indulge yourself with a gourmet coffee.

Discover 10 reasons to drink coffee, whether you prefer latte, espresso or long coffee; you will find a good reason to make coffee your favorite drink!

Benefit - 1 - Rich in anti-oxidants

For everyday coffee drinkers this is a very good reason to drink coffee! We find even more anti-oxidants than in fruits and vegetables!

Benefit - 2 - Protects the liver

Drinking coffee helps prevent liver and endometrial cancer. Coffee also has a protective role against liver fibrosis. Consuming coffee on a daily basis would reduce the chances of developing liver cancer, and on the other hand, better alleviate a hangover.

Benefit - 3 - Increases the feeling of well-being

Consuming coffee regularly would reduce the risk of suffering from depression or having negative emotions.So, if coffee seems to work better than tea, it's because some of its ingredients can counteract the negative effects of depression. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid and caffeic acid. These acids may reduce inflammation in nerve cells in people with depression.

Benefit - 4 - Stimulates dopamine production

Dopamine is the hormone that makes you feel good is a type of neurotransmitter. Your body makes it, and your nervous system uses it to send messages between nerve cells. That's why it's sometimes called a chemical messenger. Dopamine plays a role in how we feel pleasure. It's a big part of our unique human ability to think and plan. It helps us strive, focus, and find things interesting.

Benefit - 5 - Improved brain capacity

Shorter reaction time, better vigilance, faster reasoning. This is what awaits you with a good dose of caffeine!

Benefit - 6 - Improves memory

One of the best benefits of coffee is its ability to boost your memory. Two cups of coffee a day helps stimulate short-term memory capacities.

Benefit - 7 - Coffee May Help Increase Your Blood Flow

A quick way to get your blood flowing properly is to drink coffee. Caffeine increases blood flow by 30% over a period of 75 minutes - that with just one cup!

Benefit - 8 - Relieves headaches and migraines

You have probably experienced headaches before, and coffee can help relieve them. Caffeine contains properties that constrict blood vessels, which helps relieve pain caused by a migraine.

Beauty and Hair

Benefit - 1 - Coffee can help remove dark circles

Just as coffee can wake up your body, it can also wake up your eye area. To help remove dark circles, combine the used coffee grounds with coconut oil and apply it to the area under the eyes. It only takes about 10 minutes for the caffeine to start working its magic, constricting your blood vessels and greatly diminishing your dark circles!

Benefit - 2 - Coffee helps firm the skin

By mixing coffee grounds and coconut oil for a soothing mask that contains caffeine, you will help improve the appearance of your skin. The caffeine in coffee improves blood flow to the skin, encourages cell renewal and thus delays the appearance of wrinkles.

Benefit - 3 - Fights cellulite and the build-up of dead cells.

Combine coffee grounds and coconut oil to remove them. The caffeine, in the mix, will help reduce the appearance of cellulite by tightening the area - and hydrate your skin in the process, you'll get rid of your embarrassing dry skin that even your favorite moisturizer hasn't been able to combat.

Benefit - 4 - Coffee May Help Get Rid of Dandruff

By mixing coffee grounds and coconut oil and rubbing the gritty mixture into your hair, you will easily remove any dry or scaly skin on your scalp.

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