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Beach BBQ Checklist

Food & Beverages

  1. Meat and veggies to grill. Consider marinating them before you head to the beach. And to make grilling even easier make skewers up and place them in a Ziplock bag the marinade.

  2. Side salads. Macaroni/pasta salad, garden, potato, coleslaw, couscous, rice and beans, and tomato & cucumber are always winners. If you have the time you could also make up some fresh rice wrapper spring rolls.

  3. Other sides and appetizers. Raw veggie platter with dip, taco dip and tortilla chips, fruit platter, pita chips and hummus, pickles, cheese, and crackers. Consider extras to add to the main meal – peppers and onions, sliced onion, sliced tomatoes, bacon toppers, blue cheese, sliced cheese.

  4. Rolls. Hamburger, hotdog, or pitas.

  5. Condiments. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, hot sauces. Also, salt, pepper, steak seasoning, garlic salt, Cajun, etc.

  6. Beverages. Water (lots of it), soft drinks, juices, wine, beer, mixed drinks and remember the ice! Also remember to cut up any drink extras like lemons, limes, and fruit.

  7. Dessert. Brownies are always a winner.

BBQ Related Items

  1. Grill or grate

  2. Charcoal, wood or gas

  3. Fire starter liquid

  4. BBQ grill utensils – spatula, tongs, grill cleaning brush

  5. Paper towels

  6. Garbage bag (leave the beach cleaner than when you found it)

  7. Platter for meat/veg when cooked

  8. Plates

  9. Silverware/cutlery

  10. Napkins

  11. Cups

  12. Table or flat service to put all the food (or find a beach with picnic tables

  13. Bottle opener/corkscrew

  14. Scissors and/or sharp knife

Other Necessary Beach BBQ Must-Haves

  1. Music player and speaker

  2. Chairs or large picnic blanket

  3. Towels

  4. Bathing suit and change of clothes

  5. Water shoes

  6. Sunscreen

  7. Bug spray

  8. Hat and sunglasses

  9. Solar lights and flashlight (if it’s going to get dark)

  10. Games, kite, sandcastle tools

  11. Toilet paper

  12. Mini First Aid Kit (band-aids, antibacterial ointment, etc. for small scrapes and bruises)

  13. Waterproof case for electronics

  14. Phone for camera, music, and flashlight

  15. Pop up tent for shade

How Meat & Meet Can Help You with Your Beach BBQ To ensure your requests are available please call one day in advance to pre-order.

  1. Ready-made meat and vegetable skewers

  2. Chicken Crapaudine – a real crowd pleaser! Get a full chicken strategically flattened especially for the grill

  3. Beef, chicken, and pork seasoned patties

  4. Sausages – Italian, chorizo, various other delicious blends

  5. Chicken breasts, legs, and wings

  6. Steaks for grilling

  7. Homemade rolls and buns

  8. Side salads, ready to eat quiches and olives

  9. Sauces, marinades, and toppers such as carnalized onions, garlic herb butter and goats cheese

  10. Local ripe seasonal vegetables

  11. Beer, wine and local Gin & Rum

  12. Soft drinks

  13. Desserts: Tiramisu, baklava, rum cake, cookies, and pies Download print version PDF: Beach BBQ Checklist

Visit Meat & Meet Market Visit our market store located at Le Phare Bleu Marina. We can easily be accessed by car or dinghy. And make sure to get our price list and sign up for our newsletter to hear about our weekly specials, recipes, locally sourced goodies, and much more. Leave your name and email below.


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