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Why is "Homemade" so popular?

The current trend in the world is to do it yourself. 8 out of 10 people regularly concoct dishes or prepare products that they could have bought in "ready-to-use" stores. It can be a puree or a jam, a soup or a pastry ... Is it the covid who bring that change? I don't know but what I can say is Gilles and me like to cook, the best place for us is the kitchen. So is the same at Meat & Meet Market, we like to cook and we like to do ourself. The big plus is also that in the homemade products there is no preservatives added and no added color or flavor. You can find a lot of "homemade" products in our store.

Why do at home what we could buy in stores and which would perhaps make our life easier? Because the "homemade" can be :

More natural

When you do things yourself, you have the opportunity to choose quality ingredients. You can buy food on the farm, those from the organic sector, plants produced using sustainable agriculture, prefer certain ingredients to others in the composition of the recipe (for example, add agar-agar instead of animal gelatin or even cold pressed olive oil instead of poor quality oil).

More economical

The cost price of the finished product is lower than what you would buy (at comparable quality) in the trade. Take the example of yogurt: the price of a liter of milk (needed to make about eight yogurts), even organic quality, is undoubtedly lower than the price of a kilo of yogurt.

More ecological

When you prepare the products yourself, you save packaging - no plastic bags, cardboard boxes, plastic jars ...

More fun

By cooking, you are able to create. You modify the basic recipes according to your desires and tastes, you play with flavors and aromas, you invent, you experiment, you innovate ... And then you can involve the children in the culinary adventure and transform it into a nice family game.

More rewarding

Isn't it very pleasant to receive the compliments of your guests, when you tell them that it is you who made the entire meal they have just tasted, from aperitif to dessert?

Simply better

Compare a homemade custard to a custard in brick, a homemade jam to a jam in a jar, homemade croutons and croutons in sachets ... there is no picture, as they say!

What does it take to get started? You have to :

  1. Want to let your imagination run wild

  2. Believe in your abilities and your culinary talent (which exist or will exist)

  3. Be curious

  4. Don't be afraid to amaze others (and even amaze yourself!)

  5. Wanting to spend less or better of your money on the food budget

  6. Have a little spirit of adventure

  7. Love originality and freedom

Want to have people at the table, because you will have a lot of them! Is the same for Meat & Meet Market. Thank you - Thank you!

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