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A very simple and inexpensive way to rebalance and improve your diet is to eat sprouted seeds.

The majority of the seeds have two steps to be ready to eat. One is when they start to begin to germinate and when they become a plants. These are seeds like sunflower, radish, alfafa or wheat, which are soaked in water for a while and then begin to germinate and, after a few days, become plants.

During germination, the seeds considerably increase their nutritional value: proteins, trace elements, minerals, enzymes, etc. The concentration of these can then sometimes be multiplied by 100 or more. It is therefore enough to eat these freshly germinated seeds to take full advantage of all their benefits and to remineralize at low speed.

In short, sprouted seeds are a digest of life, real little nutrient bombs that you can make yourself or buy in an organic store.

At Meat & Meet we grow different seeds with water and with earth. One of our best is the mung beans, you know the chow mein dish, well there is mung beans in it. Another seeds that is very nice and tasty is the corn seeds. It take time and attention to grow seeds so it is better to call us before to know what we have available.

Here are a few points of their many advantages:

• Sprouted seeds give you the possibility of having ultra-fresh food at home always ready for consumption, which is practical in winter when menus are more composed of cooked food and where there is a lack of vitamins.

• They can be eaten easily by adding them to our sandwiches, salads, soups, spring rolls. They also decorate dishes very well and go perfectly with pâtés or cheeses.

• They are a great way to add some vintage to our menus. Indeed, it is important to remember that cooking greatly affects food, which thus loses certain vitamins, their enzymes (which promote digestion), fatty acids, etc.

• Sprouted seeds can boost you in times of fatigue or illness, thanks, it has been said, to their nutritional gems like antioxidants, trace elements and minerals. To take just one example, the amount of calcium in non-germinated wheat is around 45 mg per 100g, but after germination the rate rises to 71 mg. Magnesium will drop from 133 mg to 342 mg in sprouted wheat! And the same goes, in different proportions, for phosphorus, zinc, potassium to name a few.

• In addition, these elements are bioavailable because they are derived from plants, which means that your body will be able to assimilate them more easily. Because it is one thing to swallow the nutrients present in our diet, our metabolism still has to use them well, which is not always the case when they are chemically synthesized (as is the case for certain vitamins added in children's cereals for example).

If it is possible it is always better to choose organic quality seeds whether you germinate them yourself or buy them in store

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