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How to have a good use of your fridge and freezer

At home or on the boat the fridge and freezer need a regular maintenance and cleaning and now you know how to keep your food in good condition.

Here a few common sense rules who will allow you to make your fridge last, not to lose food and limit its consumption.

At what temperature the fridge and freezer should be

The freezer should be between -20 and -40 degree celsius in the best conditions. The fridge should be at 4 degree celsius at all time.

Eggs should be refrigerated

Producers have the habit to clean the eggs before putting them on the market. However, this washing destroys their protective envelope called "cuticule". This thin membrane protects the porous shell against salmonella that could infiltrate it.

The heat promotes the proliferation of bacteria, producers and retailers must refrigerate eggs. You should also do this since "an egg left at room temperature deteriorates up to seven times faster. That is, it breaks down as much in a day as it does in a week in the refrigerator.

A tip to keep your eggs more longer in a good condition is to keep the thin side at the bottom of the egg container. Why? because the egg yolk will stay at his best position, mean in the center.

Regularly clean the inside of your refrigerator

Cleaning it thoroughly once a month is not a luxury to maintain good hygiene indoors

Do not wait for the freezer or freezer door to stop closing to defrost it

A 3 mm layer of ice consumes 30% more energy! By defrosting your freezer regularly, you keep it running smoothly while saving money!

Do not load your refrigerator for nothing

Some foods do not need to be kept cool, so they are not intended to be found there. Use the cool and stable temperature of your holds where a hanging net to reserve, fruits and vegetables in particular.

Store hot foods in a cool place

Let them cool quietly before putting them in the fridge. If you store it warm, it will not only use more energy to cool them down, and their heat will generate moisture in the appliance enclosure.

Correctly condition started food and leftovers

In order to avoid the proliferation of odors and bacteria, store leftovers from cooked meals, cold meats, cheeses and other foodstuffs that could dry in contact with air... in airtight boxes. The best is to keep them under vacuum.

Do not store food with its packaging.

Not only does the packaging take up space, it also insulates your products from the cold. When returning from refueling, take the time to remove all the packing boxes, plastic bags, plastic boxes... before putting them in the fridge.

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