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Gourmet Made Easy!

Discover chef-crafted ready-made meals in-store today.

Enjoy gourmet quality with the convenience of quick home dining.

How long will my meals last?

Every one of our gourmet ready-made meals is crafted to offer the perfect blend of freshness and flavor. For the finest dining experience, we recommend enjoying most of our creations within 7 days of their creation, ensuring they're stored in the refrigerator. For our selection of crisp salads, hearty bowls, comforting stews, and delicacies featuring fish or seafood, we suggest savoring these flavors or opting to freeze them within 4 days from the date they were lovingly prepared, to capture the essence of their peak freshness.

Can my meals be frozen?

For an unparalleled gourmet experience, we encourage you to enjoy our meals fresh. However, should you wish to savor them later, feel free to freeze before the recommended freeze-by date to preserve their exquisite taste and quality. This ensures that every bite, even at a later time, remains a testament to the culinary excellence Meat & Meet promises.

How do my meals keep their freshness?

Our meals are encased in modified atmosphere packaging, a technique akin to vacuum sealing, which naturally extends their freshness by removing oxygen. This method allows us to promise you the utmost in taste and quality without resorting to preservatives. It's our way of ensuring that every meal you enjoy from Meat & Meet is as fresh and flavorful as it was the moment it was crafted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weekly menu

Ocean Elegance

Seared Tuna with Tataki Bliss, Served on a Bed of Fragrant Rice with a Symphony of Fresh Veggies.

Asian Tofu Fusion Bowl

Tantalizing Veggie Sauce and Sautéed Potato Harmony.

Sweet Serenade Pork

Tenderloin Delight with Luscious Sweet Sauce and Sautéed Potato Perfection.

Beef Harmony Delight

Sautéed Strips with Garden Goodness.

Poultry Perfection Plate

Succulent Chicken with Creamy Mash, Tomato Elegance, and Garden Veggies.

Bella Bolognese Bliss

Hearty spaghetti Infused with rich meaty sauce.

Preparation instructions

  • Prepare your gourmet meal with ease:

    1. Preheat your oven to 300°F to get started.

    2. Peel away the top wrapper to uncover your meal.

    3. Evenly pour the sauce over your dish for enhanced taste.

    4. Place the container in the oven, heating for 15 minutes to perfection.

    5. Serve and delight in the flavors of your Meat & Meet experience!

  • Enjoy your gourmet meal in just a few steps:

    1. Remove the wrapper to reveal your dish.

    2. Drizzle the sauce for added flavor.

    3. Heat for 3 minutes, bringing it to the perfect temperature.

    4. Serve and savor every bite!

  • A guide to enjoying our no-heat-required salads, cold meals, and bowls:

    1. Forget the heat; these dishes are cool as they come.

    2. Unwrap your meal with a smile—no cooking today.

    3. Dress it up with the sauce or dressing provided. It’s the perfect accessory.

    4. Give everything a gentle mix to combine the flavors.

    5. Serve immediately and enjoy the fresh, effortless taste of your Meat & Meet selection!

Recycle for Regrowth

Join us in a sustainable journey by returning your used ready meal packaging. We're not just recycling; we're transforming your packages into nurturing homes for microgreens. It's our way of giving back to the earth and ensuring a greener tomorrow. Drop off your packaging at Meat & Meet, and together, let's grow our future—one microgreen at a time. Your participation is more than a gesture; it's a step towards sustainability. Let's cultivate a healthier planet together.

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