The Top 4 Best Gin Cocktails for BBQs

The Top 4 Best Gin Cocktails for BBQs

Barbecues are the perfect place to get together with friends and family, eat some great food, and enjoy a cold drink or two. Some of the best cocktails for BBQs are the easiest ones to make using fresh ingredients.

Single Serve or Pitcher?

Whether you’re outside in a group or inside at a small table one of the best ways to share a BBQ cocktail is to use a pitcher.

If there are a few people it makes it easy to get every drink at the same time. You can also all have the same experience at the same time which allows for great conversation.

It’s easy to make pitchers look great too. A few slices of fresh fruit can make a cocktail pitcher come to life.

The best way to serve the cocktail pitcher is to add the ‘soda’ element at the end to reduce watering down the drink and letting it melt too quickly.

1. Gin Passion Cocktail

Gin Drinks

Looking for something fresh? The Gin Passion is a simple twist on a classic summer favorite. This can be done easily in a single glass or a pitcher.


    • Ice
    • 1 Part Blue Light Caribbean Gin
    • 1 Part Soda
    • 1 Part Passionfruit Juice
    • A drop of fresh passionfruit pulp


Use fresh lemon and mint to garnish. This adds freshness to the drink and feeling. If you’re making a pitcher size, simply add as many drink portions as your pitcher can hold. A typical pitcher size can hold around 5 servings.

2. Bubbly Pink Gin

Gin Drinks

Who doesn’t like a bit of bubbles at a BBQ or any outdoor event? One way to make it a little different or special is to make a glass of bubbles into a simple cocktail.

Prosecco is Italy’s version of Champagne and is slightly lighter and more fruity. It goes well with a light blend of citrus or tropical juice. Pomegranate juice adds not only a nice color but it has a great flavor.


    • Ice
    • 1 Part Blue Light Caribbean Gin
    • 1 Part Prosecco
    • 1 Part Pomegranate Juice
    • Garnish with mint or berries


Parts typically measured in ounces. Put the ice in the glass first, add the gin and juice then top it up with Prosecco. Use more or less juice for flavor/color to suit.

3. Ginito (Gin based mojito)

Best Gin Drinks

Mojitos originated in Cuba and were initially made using Cuban Moonshine. The recipe changed to rum after the pirate culture spread through the Caribbean.

A Caribbean Gin Mojito is a fresh blend of lime and mint which makes for a perfect summer BBQ drink. Traditionally a splash of simple syrup (sugar) is added to mellow out the fresh limes.


    • 1.5 Ounces Blue Light Caribbean Gin
    • 1/2 Lime
    • 1/2 Cup Ice cubes
    • 15 Mint Leaves
    • 1/2 Cup Club Soda
    • 1/2 Ounce Simple Syrup (optional for those that like a little sweeter)


    • Muddle mint, lime, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker
    • Add gin and ice, and shake well.
    • Pour into a tall glass, and top with club soda
    • Garnish with some mint and a lime wedge

4. Giñacolada

Gin Cocktails

Caribbean Gin can be used to create a new twist on old favorites. So, if you like Piñacoladas and dancing in the rain, then a gin alternative might be a great cocktail to add to your BBQ celebration. A nice serving suggestion is to actually scoop out the pineapple itself so it is an empty ‘shell’, then freeze it. It will get stiff and chilled, it can then be used to serve the drink in!


    • Ice
    • 1 Part Caribbean Gin
    • 1 Part Coconut Cream
    • 2 Parts Pineapple juice


Add the ingredients into a blender, blend, and served chilled.


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