Butcher Shop

Butcher Shop

Our butcher shop specialty is local organic meat, dry-aged in house, and hand-cut. We provide grass-fed beef, veal, lamb – as well as pork, chicken, fish, and seafood. In our deli selection, you’ll also find cold cuts, sausages, pâtés, and pies are made fresh in-house weekly. And if you’re not in the mood to prepare your dinner, we have a fantastic selection of homemade ready meals.

Our meat did not have to fly thousands of miles before landing on your plate.

We buy animals raised in the pastures of Grenada or Carriacou on a diet of grass, clean water, and fresh air. All our meat is certified. The meat is dry-aged in our cooler to ensure maximum flavor and tenderness. It is then professionally hand cut. You can request custom cuts.

Our meat moves fast, we buy new meat every week. You can purchase it fresh – for a limited time each week – or frozen. Our products are ready to cook and vacuum-packed (1 or 2 servings).

We supply fine restaurants, charter yachts, local residents, and cruisers in Grenada.

If you want to round out a menu to complement any of our meats, we have a small deli and grocery section attached so you don’t have to make extra trips to get wines, sauces, bread, tomatoes, onions, or rice!

Taste-test our most popular butcher shop meats.

    • Beef – tenderloin, sirloin, ground steak, tournedos
    • Chicken – breasts, wings, roasted, tournedos
    • Pork – tenderloin, chops, fillet, tournedos
    • Sausages – spicy and mild Italian, chorizo

Try our butcher shop meats – place an order today.

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