The Art Of Making BBQ Skewers

The Art Of Making BBQ Skewers

A skewer is a thin metal or wood stick used to hold pieces of food together. The word sometimes refers to the entire food item as in “chicken skewers” or “vegetable skewers”. These wonderful sticks are used while grilling or roasting meats, fish, and vegetables. There’s something innately rewarding about eating a skewer – especially right off the stick.

Perhaps it’s because skewers have been a part of human life for a very long time

Interestingly, sticks of meat have been found at a 300,000-year-old site in Schöningen, Germany. The great thing about skewers is that the options are endless. You can create simple combinations like chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, and peppers or you get creative and try something like Cajun shrimp and sausage skewers. Furthermore, skewers are not just for the main meal.

You can make delicious appetizers for a beach BBQ or for sundowners.

A real crowd-pleaser is to wrap a thin slice of our homemade smoked bacon around asparagus sections – when cooked just right the bacon is crispy and the asparagus is slightly soft and full of flavor. Yum. And there are no rules, only a couple of suggestions.

First of all, metal skewers tend to heat up and overcook the inside of the meat so I suggest to our customers that they use the wooden variety. When you buy our delicious vegetable and beef, pork, chicken Meat & Meet skewers you’ll get them on wooden sticks.

Second, different types of food cook at different speeds. If you’re happy with cooked meat and crunchy vegetables put all the items on one stick. If however, you want to be able to better control the ultimate outcome of each food item, simply create skewers with all the same items. For example, have a skewer of all marinated chicken and another skewer of peppers. You can then create a skewer of cherry tomatoes and another one of just onions. When all the skewers are done simply take what you want from each skewer. This method also helps if you have picky children!

And my last suggestion is to make sure you cut the meat or vegetables in roughly the same size and shape to ensure that they all cook the same. Let me give you some ideas for BBQ skewers.

Fun & Tasty BBQ Skewer Combinations

    • Bacon-Wrapped Skewers – Wrap a slice of bacon around a piece of chicken or beef. Or, use one of our homemade beef or pork patties – separate them into meatballs, wrap with bacon and thread with vegetables of your liking.
    • Shrimp On The Barbie! For a delicious combination, brush some pesto sauce over the shrimp and thread the skewers with shrimp and lemon slices.
    • Grilled Chicken Caesar Skewers – thread the skewer with plain or marinated chicken, and stale bread brushed with oil and garlic. When you’re done, use a leaf of Romaine lettuce to slide the skewer contents into so it lies along with the leaf. Cover with Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese.
    • Asian Inspired Skewers – Beef and broccoli with a soy glaze.
    • Cauliflower Skewers – Bang Bang or Buffalo Sauce grilled cauliflower.
    • Brussel Sprouts – Skewered brussels will turn a brussel hater into a lover. Cut them in half; shake them in a bag of oil/sesame oil and soy sauce.
    • Kid Inspired Skewers – hot dogs, pineapple, red pepper. Fill up the stick with whatever your child will eat.

Short of Time?

Come in and check out our ready-made skewers. Buy as many sticks as you need, pop them on the BBQ, and then enjoy. We have vegetables with chicken, pork, and beef.

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